My practice is currently focused on landscape, environmental trauma, and their intersection with biologically passed down emotional traumas. I am working towards  interventions that address both, with the hope of generating a dialogue of healing. I use technology to reinterpret the natural world, and create immersive environments where viewers can intimately engage with visual and auditory aspects of the natural world. I also see  a large part of my practice as being a collector and archiver of visual and auditory scapes. This comes from a concern for environmental preservation in the face of ever growing climate upheaval. I see the technology I work with as my collaborator, and choose it like a dancer chooses a partner. My interactive work is a collaboration with the viewer, they are a necessary component to each piece and the success of the work is often reliant on their participation. Whether it is coming from the tradition of the ready made like a phone app-or built specifically for a piece, each thing adds to the rhythm and texture of my work. I pay homage to fading technology while continuing to be swept forward by updates, incompatibilities, and things that are outdated within months of hitting the market.