Spokane-based sound and video artist Jessica Earle (b. 1986) is focused on a speculative future where nature is no more. Through the lens of science fiction while simultaneously referencing her own lived experience Earle is bringing to life an imagined future where we use technology to bring the myth of the natural world back to life in our homes and public spaces. In her installations viewers are encouraged to talk to plants, meditate, self reflect, and heal. Her video sculptures act as objects for the home. These future-objects create intimate moments in an intimate space; a sunset for you and your lover to hold hands under, flowers for the mantle, and clouds and a forest to daydream under. Ultimately she hopes this future can be avoided and that this work evokes conversations around our current climate crisis?

In addition to her independent practice, Jessica collaborates with mixed media sculptor Morgan Rose Free, creating experimental site specific installations which explore the vast potential of cross-disciplinary relationships between video and sculpture and challenge traditional divides between disciplines; resulting in a dynamic hybrid of video, sound, sculpture, performance and installation.