b. 1986


Jessica Earle is an emerging electronic artist currently focusing on landscape, environmental trauma, and their intersection with biologically passed down emotional trauma. Jessica uses technology to reinterpret the natural world, and create immersive environments where viewers can intimately engage with visual and auditory aspects of the natural world. She sees a large part of her practice as being a collector and archiver of visual and auditory spaces. This comes from a concern for environmental preservation in the face of ever growing climate upheaval. She received her BFA from Eastern Washington University, where she focused on digital media and sculpture, and went on to graduate from Alfred University with an MFA in Electronic and Integrated Art. While in Washington, she ran Lacuna, a pop-up galley that utilized abandoned storefronts in an effort to revitalize the downtown area of Spokane. She has shown and performed nationally and internationally, most recently exhibiting in Shenyang and Zhangzhou China. She held the position of Research Associate for the Institute for Electronic Art at Alfred University for a year following receiving her MFA. There she interacted with internationally recognized artists and researchers and implemented new technologies for the Institute’s residency program. In addition to her independent practice, Jessica collaborates with mixed media sculptor Morgan Rose Free, creating experimental site specific installations which explore the vast potential of cross-disciplinary relationships between video and sculpture and challenge traditional divides between disciplines; resulting in a dynamic hybrid of video, sound, sculpture, performance and installation.